Carina Eugenio mini-exhibit: Abstracting Memories From 2003


MidModMen+friends is hosting a mini-exhibit of art by Carina Eugenio, a visual artist and visual arts educator originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The exhibit includes five selections from the series titled “Abstracting Memories from 2003,” which Eugenio created for the 2015 P-NOiSE Festival in Copenhagen.

Each original mixed media work incorporates beading, embroidery, watercolor and ink on paper and vellum. The pieces are framed and available for purchase, along with other work from the artist. The exhibit opens August 25, 2016.

ABOUT CARINA EUGENIO. The imagery and line work in my pieces originate from studies of human body that have been transformed and abstracted. I am most interested in visual dialogue of the fluid space between figuration and abstraction. All of my work is a critical reflection of my culture and identity. Carina Eugenio web site

ABOUT P-NOiSE FESTIVAL. P-NOiSE Festival is an arts and culture festival that promotes the innovative artists and creative scene coming from the Philippines. P-NOiSE web site | P-NOiSE on Facebook

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