Great lighting is a bright idea for both function and style


Never underestimate the importance of good lighting in your home or workplace. It’s not just practical; it adds style.

Let’s start with practical considerations and think about the lighting needs you have in room – or even a particular spot in the room:

  • General light illuminates the whole room. A lampshade can make all the difference. Some are semi-opaque and let the light shine all around while others have a lining that causes light to aim up and down but not all around
  • A floor lamp or pendant elevate the light source and can add brightness to a larger area. If you don’t have a hard-wired electrical box in the perfect location, consider “swagging” (or stringing) a pendant on a longer cord – with a hook or two in the ceiling – to get the light where you want it
  • Task lighting is more direct and gives you concentrated illumination at a desk or in your favorite reading spot. Consider an adjustable lamp – telescoping height, swiveling lamp heads – so you can aim light to the spot in which you most need it
  • Set the mood with low-wattage, decorative lighting that creates an intimate ambiance. Almost any lamp with low to high settings can do the trick, but sometimes a small ornamental lamp does the job with some extra style
  • Control light levels by choosing lamps with three-way switches, adding a socket adapter with built-in dimmer, or using a plug-in device for dimming

Next pick your lamp style, from sleek and modern to over-the-top retro. Just make sure that the lamp or light fixture is in harmony with the style of the overall room.

MidModMen+friends offers a changing selection of vintage mid-century and modern lighting in a variety of styles and materials. Plus, we feature original lampshades and pendants designed and made by our partner ModiLumi.

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