X-frame chair restoration transformation

1513273_673396506046686_922930129_nWe take a lot of pride in the work all our partners do to rejuvenate, restore and at times transform the furniture offered in the store.

This vintage X-framed chair is a case study. When we found it, the upholstery was shredded (think cat claws) yet the frame was strong albeit a bit shabby. But the chair’s shape  was too compelling to pass up. We dissembled the chair, restored the wood frame, tightened everything and, with the help of an upholsterer, brought the entire piece back to life. It’s a beauty and one of the most comfortably slouchy loungers we have | SOLD

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  1. Andrew says:

    Great project. I enjoy seeing old pieces of furniture restored and brought back to life. It shows the quality of the craftsmanship that these pieces stand the the test of time. Keep up the good work.

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