Bozak 302A speakers circa 1958

IMG_4746 IMG_4747 NOTE: This item has sold.

Hi-fi stereo technology came into its own in the 1950s with the advent of the 33-1/3 record and improvements in sound reproduction. That included high-end components like these Bozak B-302A speakers.

They are circa 1958 and come in end table-sized walnut cabinets that are 24″ wide x 20″ deep x 30″ high. The speakers themselves have been rebuilt with these components:
Alnico magnet drivers:
– 1 B-199A Woofer
– 2 B-200X Tweeter
– 1 B-209A Midrange
– 1 N10102 Crossover Network rebuilt with WonderCap capacitors

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  1. Don says:

    my dad had these bozak speakers from the 1950s,I now have them after he passed on,they still sound great,never rebuilt. He had a mahogany cabinet built to match the speakers to hold stereo components.Speakers are mahogany finish. The sound holds their own against todays speakers.

    1. Gerry Williamson says:

      My speakers belonged to a old family friend. They were purchased in 1958 when they moved into a newly built ranch house in the Chicago south suburbs. All furniture came from the Merchandise Mart , Speakers look brand new and have never been rebuilt,the sound is as beautiful as when they were new. Good luck with yours

  2. gerry williamson says:

    /Yes indeed, I am lucky enough to have two of the hanging shelves, I never knew the storage box and desk even existed, I live in Chicago and was lucky enough lucky enough to have this on display in one of our major downtown museums.

  3. gerry williamson says:

    I was doing some research on my bozak speakers and went to your blog. Can you imangine my surprise when i found my speakers and the conant ball norsemate room divider in the same blog. these 3 pieces and all in my living room. I never was able to get any info on that divider, Thank youn for a great treat Gerry Williamson

    1. MidModMen says:

      Wow. You must have an incredible home if you have both the Bozak speakers and the incredible Norsemates room divider. Any chance that your room divider includes some of the incredibly hard-to-find cabinet and shelf modules?

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