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1960 Lane Acclaim desk search and rescue


Who doesn’t love a good before/after story? We like them so much that we’ve devoted nearly 15 years (11 at our store location) to rescuing, restoring and reselling worthy furniture.

Pieces from the fabled mid-century Lane Acclaim collection have been a staple – and favorite – of that commitment. We’ve revived more Acclaim pieces than any other individual brand, and we’ve never lost a single one in the process.

Our latest search and rescue was this Lane Acclaim desk. It was made in 1960 and clearly was well used over the ensuing 60-plus years. The finish was worn, there were a lot of scuffs and it was plain dirty. Yet it was structurally in top condition (because they built Lane Acclaim furniture to last) and had all of the original hardware.

Cleaning and restoration of a piece like this is multiple step process that takes many hours. And although each piece of furniture can present challenges unique to its history, we’ve clocked enough experience with Acclaim to predict success. And it was a complete restoration success. The only bad news is that the desk is no longer available because some savvy customers snapped it up prior to our restoration for them.

So, now it’s back to the workshop for the next round of mid-century and Scandinavian modern furniture makeovers.

Watch the showcase section at for available Lane Acclaim pieces and other furniture that’s been through our process. And follow us on Instagram and Facebook for early glimpses of what’s to come.

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