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Celebrating the timeless mid-century modern designs of Jens Risom

Jens Risom U 350 easy chair + ottoman with walnut bases

JENS RISOM U 350 EASY CHAIR + OTTOMAN | $3,495 SET Sculptural easy chair and companion ottoman from the 1959 Jens Risom Design catalog. The walnut bases are in the modern Risom design language, including an exposed crossbar in the back. The chair features a high back that offers shoulder support and a deep, comfortably canted seat angle. We restored the frames and reupholstered both pieces in a deep orange tweed fabric with shots of red, peach-pink and cream woven throughout. Chair dimensions are 28"W x 30"D x 32"H. Ottoman dimensions are 22-1/2"W x 23-1/2"D x 17"H. Offered as a set.

Aficionados of any era can be absolutists, and mid-century modern enthusiasts aren’t exempt. Some are fierce proponents of designs by Scandinavian masters like Hans Wegner, Grete Jalk, Folke Ohlsson and Arne Jacobsen. Some embrace the American icons including Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, Paul McCobb, and Florence Knoll among others.

So it’s fitting that one of the design giants of the mid-century modern era bridges the two. Jens Risom (b. 1916 – d. 2016) was a Danish-born but largely American-based creator of some the most iconic modernist furniture forms. From his early collaborations with Knoll to success with his own company, Risom created a design vocabulary that resonates today.

Risom emigrated from Denmark to the United States in the late 1930s and set out on what was to become a storied career in his adopted country. He was the first in-house designer for Knoll, opened and operated his own Jens Risom Designs for 25 years, and in his 90s until he died was a designer for Design Within Reach.

MidModMen+friends Winter 2022 Jens Risom Design collection.

Risom designs have long been a part of our repertoire so we were excited to bring together a small collection of his pieces in our showroom in early 2022. All of them were rejuvenated in a manner that honors his original vision for each. Included in our Winter 2022 collection (browse our showcase section for currently available pieces) are:

We have a steady pipeline of Jens Risom Design pieces coming through our doors. Visit the showcase section on our website periodically to see what’s available.

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