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Featured art: “Portal of the Mind” by Marcia Söderman

“Portal of the Mind” | 1989 | Marcia Söderman
Oil on prepared paper | 93-1/2” long by 37-1/4” high framed size

Marcia Söderman is an accomplished artist, art educator, art history scholar and mentor to emerging artists. Her creative work is informed by nature – water in particular – and our innermost perceptions of it. Many of her works are large scale yet she creates more intimate pieces that are smaller but no less powerful. Her art has been shown in Minnesota, Wisconsin and New Mexico, as well as in traveling exhibitions.

Söderman currently lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but has deep roots in Minnesota. She served as an assistant professor and adjunct faculty member at St. Catherine University, University of Minnesota and Hamline University with an emphasis on art, art history and women in art. In addition, she served as artist-in-residence in more than 20 St. Paul area schools. Learn more about her at

Throughout all the current global turmoil, there is still the beauty, the richness, the joy of life and nature to sustain and invigorate us. This is what art evokes for me.

Marcia Söderman

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