MidModMen+friends and Powerhouse Design offer new lampshades for vintage lamps

LEX_news-release_collageMidModMen+friends, a St. Paul-based retailer of vintage and modern home furnishings, has launched a partnership with Powerhouse Design of St. Paul Park to offer a line of hand-crafted lampshades and light fixtures to local customers.

Powerhouse Design makes vintage style shades using high-quality fiberglass and wire frame materials, combined with expert printing and era-appropriate styling. The shades fill the gap when old shades are damaged or unavailable – or simply to refresh the look of a lamp.

“Powerhouse Design shades fill a special niche,” explained MidModMen+friends owner Neal Kielar. “They offer styles geared toward mid-century modern decor, and that’s the focal point of our store. So this partnership enables us to serve customers in a new, expanded way.”

The two businesses are holding a special event June 13 at MidModMen+friends in St. Paul to formally launch the partnership. The event will feature a collection of new lamp shades and pendant lights, all available for purchase. Powerhouse Design owner Lex Winger will be available to help customers match their lamps with a replacement lamp shade. Customers are encouraged to bring lamps for which they want a replacement shade. In addition, MidModMen+friends has combined some of its favorite mid-century lamps with new shades, and the combinations are available for purchase.

For customers outside the Minnesota area, Powerhouse Design also offers its shades and pendants on Etsy.com.

MidModMen+friends offers a classic modern mix of home furnishings grounded in clean, functional design with plenty of leeway for bold statements through art and found objects, strong color and unexpected combinations. The store carries a changing portfolio of furniture for every room, with pieces individually selected and rejuvenated or professionally restored according to need. Visit the store at 2401 University Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104.

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  1. Robert Dekle says:

    I have over a thousand lamp shade frames if interested let me know

    1. Thank you, but our lampshade partner makes new frames for his shades. Part of his wrap and finish process is automated and the equipment is calibrated to the materials he uses. Appreciate the outreach. I’ll share it with him just in case it might work for him.

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