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MidModMen part of Spaces magazine June/July showcase

981093_786904407994053_375778310788475839_oPieces from MidModMen’s classic modern mix of home decor are featured in a stunning 4-page spread in the June/July issue of Spaces magazine.

While we’re known for our restored and rejuvenated mid-century and modern furniture, we also carry a wide range of decor including vintage art glass, framed art and sculpture, as well as current artwork.

The showcase includes a framed print from our artist-in-residence Lisa Rydin Erickson, which is available in the store along with dozens of her prints and paintings.

Copies of Spaces are available throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul in retail locations including Kowalski’s, Bachman’s, International Market Square, Hoigaard’s, All Inc., and the Ferguson Golden Valley Showroom.

Photo styling by studiobstyle and photography by Tim Nehotte.

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