Lane Acclaim: 60 years old and still going strong

The Lane Acclaim line of furniture is a favorite of our customers (and us), and it’s enjoying increased popularity as collectible yet functional furniture 60 years after its introduction in 1959.

Designed by Andre Bus, it was created to straddle the allure of modernity with the comfort of tradition. Lane pulled off that balancing act with sleek, Danish-leaning lines and the deft use of walnut and fruit wood. The dovetailing of the two woods on the top of each piece has become iconic.

Lane positioned the mainstream modern line cleverly: craftsman quality at furniture store prices. And their marketing worked well, with untold pieces sold during its run. It became a bona fide bestseller in 1963 and endures in its appeal all these years later.


Some of those pieces are easily found (finding them in excellent condition can be another matter), while others like the pivoting coffee table are more rare. Among our customers, the three-sided “guitar pick” accent table and any version of a record cabinet are popular. Even the standard rectangular coffee table is a best-seller.

Lane Furniture - Acclaim - gallery
At MidModMen+friends, we have “captured” and restored multiple pieces of furniture from the Acclaim series. Here are just a few of them.

Among the more rare pieces is the Plateau coffee table. It’s oversized and has a pull-through drawer that opens from either side. This piece is currently available; learn more about in the showcase section at

Restored Lane Acclaim Plateau coffee table, made April 18, 1959, the inaugural year of the fabled furniture line.

Here’s a list of further reading about the Lane Acclaim collection of furniture:

If you’re shopping for restored Lane Acclaim furniture, be sure to visit us:

  • MidModMen+friends, 2401 University Avenue West, St. Paul, MN 55114 | | | 612.234.1201 | store hours Thursday-Sunday from 11 AM-5 PM.

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