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MidModMen visits NYC’s Fashion District: Chapter 2 – Pilgrimage to Mood


Visiting Mood Designer Fabrics in the New York City’s Fashion District was a pilgrimage of sorts. Here comes the confession…I actually watch “Project Runway” and Mood is a recurring character of sorts on the show. And inasmuch as I also work in television and was staying just around the corner, well, I had to go. Plus, I wanted to meet house dog Swatch – and I did get to commune with her a little fulfilling my dog fix for the trip. (Does this sound like too much rationalizing?)

The space is much tighter in reality compared to what you see in “Project Runway.” Kudos to the camera crew for operating in such tight space and getting great shots of the aisles of fabric. I’m still not sure how the contestants run around the store during the shopping segments. The store entry is on the third floor, which is actually the middle of three floors of merchandise. An internal stairway takes you up one floor to additional clothing fabrics and down to second for upholstery fabric (my area of interest).

Mood is open to the public and a great people watching experience. But you’re really going to go for the goods, plus a few surprises.

Top/bottom image: Remnants bin – remnants!  Middle images: Bolts and bolts, rows and rows stacked floor to ceiling of every kind of fabric and embellishment. For a guy who doesn’t sew (and only irons reluctantly) it was a little overwhelming at first.

Inspiration boards are posted all around the store.

Don’t miss the display of vintage mannequins, which come in real people’s sizes.

Mood comes to Minnesota: We scored three pairs of pillows designed by Mood staff using high-end fabrics and precise construction. (I had to really search to find the craftily hidden zippers.) Each set is one-of-a-kind, and we picked the ones we thought would most appeal to our customers. We had them shipped here and NOW they’re coming to our store on May 10. We’re open Saturday-Sunday from 11 AM-5 PM each day, so come early to get the set you want!

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